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Mallorca’s Best Kept Secret

April 22, 2019

I travelled to Mallorca for the first time early this month and I immediately fell in love with the north-west of the island.

I actually hesitated to write about these villages that I fell in love with, because it was so obvious that these places are Mallorca’s best kept secret. But I thought I would give a bit of hint……it is hard not to talk about these beautiful places!

So, here we go. The first secret: the village of Deià. The only thing I can say about this village is that “you should visit and see it yourself”, really. But I have to say this is somewhere that I would dream of spending the whole summer. A real dream-come-true. I don’t have too many photos of the village. Just imagine: a tranquil medieval village with beautiful stones and traditional houses with its orchard, full of lemons and oranges…..with a view of blue ocean and on the other side the sheep are falling asleep in the afternoon sun under the olive trees. Sounds nice, right?

I must say there are several very exquisite restaurants that you should try in Deià too- my recommendation would be Xelini. Try tuna tartar, it is simply to die for……

The second secret that I would like to reveal would be the village of Fornalutx. A drive to this village is quite something- you will be inducted to breathtaking view over the valley full of countless amount of orange trees and olive trees. A village itself is a bliss to stroll around.

Start your walk from this beautiful plaza. It is simply a pleasure for eyes, staring at this place.

Each house has its own character yet all the houses are existing in great harmony. I love how the owners look after the properties and also are showing their playfulness with great presentation of the plants. Bugambilia and cactus are looking fantastic in this location- creating a crucial part of the landscape design, in addition to the olive green, the lemon yellow and the orange, obviously from the orange trees.

Walking up the steep hill, I could not stop sighing for the beauty I was surrounded with. What a bliss.