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Highlight from TEFAF Maastricht 2019

March 26, 2019

I had an honour to visit the preview day of TEFAF Maastricht 2019, which was held between 14-22 March, 2019. Without a doubt this art fair is one of the best fairs in the world, where the best quality masterpieces meet the best collectors with genuine passion into the art.

From antique to ancient to modern and jewellery, literally every single objects that I had encountered during this fair took my breath away. I was simply amazed by the quality of each piece. Especially I was blown away by the quality of ancient art.

Walking in this art fair is just as if taking a stroll at some secret market of museum quality, which was not available for the public (institutions and museums make purchase at this fair too indeed), while collectors, museum directors and art consultants are passionately hunting for “the masterpiece”.

So, here are my personal favourites:

My most favourite from the fair. A wooden Japanese buddha from Nara period. Look at this facial expression and the patina. I hadn’t seen a buddha statue from this period in any art fair before and it was simply a surprise.

There were several incredible pieces by René Lalique available on the market. It would be my dream to own a piece by Lalique……well, who wouldn’t? Speaking of Lalique, I would highly recommend Lalique Museum in Hakone, Japan. The collection is incredible and I never get bored of visiting this museum.

Then this mask….interestingly I could immediately imagine a dialog between this mask and Japanese Noh mask (probably because I saw some incredible Hannya mask in the fair too).

Another buddha found at a stand by Greg Baker (New York).

And this exceptional piece with two capricorns…..from B.C.! It shows how timeless art speaks to our heart immediately. I was about to lose a sense of time, standing in front of this magnificent work.

Continues to another post for more favourites.