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The best exhibition of February 2018 in Paris- Galerie Tornabuoni Art

February 17, 2018

After a very snowy day, I embarked on a gallery-walk in the neighbourhood of Paris where many prestigious art dealers gathers, hopping from PERROTIN to Galerie Karsten Greve to Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac. Within numerous exhibitions that I visited, my favourite was “Reading de Chirico”, a Giorgio de Chirico exhibition currently held at Galerie Tornabuoni Art. I would not hesitate to say that this is so far the best exhibition I saw among the galleries in Paris this month.

Aesthetic Catalog, Hitomi Moro, Giorgio de Chirico, Galerie Tornabuoni Art, Paris, Art blog, Travelo blog
At an entrance of Galerie Tornabuoni Art. © 2018 Hitomi Moro

So, here we are. This Italian gallery has always been one of my favourites. Their luminous and charming gallery space is impressive, but also their program always grabs my heart. I also loved their booth at FIAC 2017. It is not easy finding a booth where you can genuinely enjoy authentic art at any art fair these days! Is it only me?

Could be a painting or sculpture or a piece of furniture, a true superior beauty does not need so much in the surrounding. The authenticity and the quality talk for themselves, and this is a gallery that I can often deeply connect to their aesthetic belief with my heart. Among the masterpieces by Chirico, this is the painting that captivated me especially. I wish I could stay more in front of this piece!

Giorgio de Chirico, Aesthetic Catalog, Hitomi Moro, Art blog,
My favourite piece from “Reading de Chirico” at Galerie Tornabuoni Art.  © 2018 Hitomi Moro
Hitomi Moro, Aesthetic Catalog, Galerie Tornabuoni Art, Giorgio de Chirico, Travel blog, Art blog, Paris
Looking into a courtyard, where you will find the most artistic ping pong table. © 2018 Hitomi Moro

If you are in Paris during February 2018, go visit this exhibition. Or even later, make sure to visit this gallery at least once.