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An island where my heart keeps calling for -Amantaní, Peru

October 7, 2019

It’s been more than a several weeks since I came back from my first trip ever to this magical country, Peru and I still keep dreaming of it. Personally, more than Machu Picchu or the world heritage city Cusco, this tiny island floating in the middle of Lake Titicaca called Amantaní was my absolute highlight. In fact, the stay on this island gave me a feeling to feel “complete” for the first time in my life.

The shimmering surface of the crystal clear water, whispers of the wind and the power of “pachamama”, the mother earth……these are the elements of the island. There are no cars, no shops, no hospital, no wifi on this island. You see locals wearing the traditional attire working on their field to feed themselves. Donkeys, sheep and cows are slowly heading to the top of the hill. This island is disconnected from the modern society, and it is a “xanadu”. I do believe I found the best kept secret of the world and I’m not even sure if I should tell the whole world about it. I actually hesitate to do so, just because I’m also aware that this island needs to be in good hands for the protection…..let’s just say what’s there on this island is a treasure for the human being and it needs to be protected.

During my short stay on this island, I stayed with a local Quechua family. My host Henry and Mariluz and their young sons are extremely kind and warm people. They accepted me as a member of the family when I was there. They are living very humble life if we try to measure it from the perspective of developed country, but from what I felt I can define that they are actually living a life with full of human richness, completely in harmony with the nature and the mother earth. Mariluz is a granddaughter of a very powerful shaman on the island and herself is an expert of medicinal herbs. She demonstrated me the local herbs and how to make tea in order to get used to the altitude. I could see that even though she does not really leave the island, she does know what’s happening outside there and she is smart to stay away from it.

Staying with this family on this island made me aware of many things. How to feel complete. How to say “life is good!” without no hesitation. The ultimate feeling to be connected to pachamama. An eternal gratitude to pachamama for our food, natural resources, the sun and the rain. How to accept other’s kindness. How to offer back my own kindness. Who I really am. Where I and my soul feels home. What really is necessary in my life. What really matters to me. Everything else, the things that are not serving to me, I’m ready to let go.

© Hitomi Moro 2019

After a hike up to two important archeological sites “Pachamama” and “Pachatata” on the island, I sat on a rock heading towards the end of the lake to the direction to Bolivia. I meditated for a while. No one else was there, just me. I felt a flow of such a strong energy surrounding me like a series of waves. Wow, this is very powerful, yet warm.

After visiting this island it is hard for me to think of other places to go. My heart keeps calling for this place. It was an emotional goodbye when I left this island. 5am in the morning, in the darkness under the moonlight and stars, Mariluz handed me a small weaved flower that she made as a farewell gift. She was crying. I was also crying.

When I stare at this tiny flower that she gave me, I feel very much connected to her, and also to Amantaní. It is no longer about the physical distance. We are connected by heart. We are never apart.