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ART + FOOD + BEACH in San Sebastián

February 7, 2018

Without a doubt, San Sebastián is one of my favourite cities in Spain and it is a special destination for those who love the combination of “Art + Food + Beach”.

In contrast to the gentle, half-oval shoreline of the main beach in the city, there is one masterpiece by a Spanish artist Eduardo Chillida proudly standing by the breaking waves, along the edgy cliff off the main beach. It is a conjunctive sculpture piece titled “El Peine del Viento”. You must see it with your eyes and feel it with your all senses- this is a piece of art that puts you in a state of awe towards the beauty and the power of the nature.

How can an artwork survive in the middle of the harsh, strong yet time-to-time embracing nature? How long will it take to be perished? Can human being leave a mark of their existence in the middle of the nature, in a form of art?

This dynamic piece of sculpture is standing still yet it is a very athletic piece, I must say.
The strong current and the wind are forming a conversation between the piece, and it is a conversation that you could only sense when you stand there, under a blessing of the nature. In this sense, this piece is an intense point of contact between the mother nature and art.

Rain or shine, have a walk until you find this sculpture right in front of you.

Aesthetic Catalog, Hitomi Moro, San Sebastian, Eduardo Chillida
A breath-taking moment in San Sebastián. © 2018 Hitomi Moro

As Eduardo Chillida is a local artist from Basque Country, you will find more of his pieces in this city. San Telmo Museoa would be a good place to stop by to enjoy his other pieces.

Aesthetic Catalog, Hitomi Moro, San Sebastian, Eduardo Chillida,
A tranquil shoreline of the main beach in San Sebastián. © 2018 Hitomi Moro

You can’t forget the world-known, incredible food scene in this city. After enjoying some art, head towards some local tapas bars for an experience of delicacy and conversation with the locals. If you are a sea-food lover, you this city will perhaps be a heaven on earth. From fishes to sea urchins to various shells, you will find variety of marine gourmet.

Aesthetic Catalog, Hitomi Moro, Eduardo Chillida, San Sebastian, tapas,
With 15 euros in my hand, I had a fantastic time with local wines and delicious tapas. © 2018 Hitomi Moro